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Jean has helped business of all sizes grow through networking, knowledge sharing and strategic innovation. Schedule a session with Jean and find out why she is considered a "Corporate Mystic"

Jean's current assignment is helping a spiritual community grow and prosper. (2011). While on this assignment, lectures and workshops have been suspended.



 Jean E McClelland, Founder and President

Jean McClelland is Founder and President of Praxis and Praxis Reports.  Her experience includes corporate and consulting positions with Fortune 100 companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ford, Hewlett Packard and others.  Her favorite successes are with mid-sized companies that have used her services to help them initialize or revitalize their business.  She accomplishes revitalization through innovative and implement-able business strategies and actionable project plans. One of the most popular services she provides is insightful market analysis. Who really IS your business market? Jean has helped numerous companies determine their markets and how to approach those markets.

Jean always consults with a knowledge sharing philosophy and a coaching style.  She normally works on a referral basis. All referrals are gratefully accepted! Just email Jean for her availability. Praxis colleagues are carefully chosen for the specific project.  The ability to work as a team has been formed over numerous projects together and a shared philosophy that knowledge sharing, networking for insight and knowledge transfer are the keys to truly serving our clients.  Business is always about the people. The people who work on a Praxis project agree that everyone should be heard and considered.  If we have a difference of opinion, one of us does not yet have all the information that the other has; i.e., continue communications until consensus is reached.

Try us and experience the difference of actually being heard.

Jean also runs an internet course on creating a prosperity mindset. In today's world or challenges it is often hard to retain good feelings about what you are doing with your life. If you are experiencing more challenges than you desire, check out Jean's Prosperity Process on Jean has always combined her metaphysical capabilities with her business acumen to help others succeed.


Traci Douglas, Senior Reporter

Traci started her writing career at a young age keeping journals and writing copy for various publications throughout high school. Creative writing classes were part of her curriculum in college, so naturally when the Internet started taking hold in 1996, communication with a much larger audience was possible and conveyance of ideas through words continued to play a large role in her life.

Traci's ability to observe, absorb, and communicate information back to the reader has been demonstrated through work with such illustrious companies as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Volkswagen, MerCruiser, Rockford Fosgate, and Prentice Hall, as well as smaller local businesses and individuals. She has worked on many varied types of projects from newsletters and small business web sites, to nationally distributed print collateral copy, to textbooks used by thousands of college students across the nation. Also among her accolades are FAQ pages and instruction manuals bringing various functions of the internet down to the beginner level so processes and technical fixes are easily understood by even the most remedial of web surfers.

Traci joined Praxis Reports as a senior reporter in 2009. She covers selected conferences, mostly on alternative subjects of interest to broader audiences versus technical conferences. Her interest in science including biology, psychology, physics, and where metaphysics crosses all those modalities has given her a unique perspective. The transmogrification of wisdom gleaned from events she's attended in the past is impressive commingling fact and opinion, but easily defining the separation between the two.

We selected Traci for her ability to digest the content of a conference, provide an objective report and multiple attendee opinions on the value of the conference to the Praxis Reports audience.

Read Traci's personal blog to sample her ability to report with humor and insight.






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