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Business Growth
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Hello AGAIN!

It looks like I'm about to be back in business!

The first thing I'm going to do is attend the I CAN DO IT conference by Hay House - the one in Austin, TX. Click on this picture to find out more!

Jean McClelland

July, 2011

I was privileged to be one of the speakers at Dallas Drupal Days. It was powerful, just like Drupal itself. Drupal is an enterprise level CMS - web platform. Implementing Drupal will soon be a new offering from Praxis. Stay tuned!

Here are the presentation slides on how to create effective Requirements Definitions for large websites (or any technology implementation). The presentation provides a long list of considerations. Choose from the listed questions what is right for you and your client. Effective Requirements Definitions are more than a technical document. Know your client's business and make sure the requirements fit the business.

If you need any help in creating effective Requirements Definitions, Statements of Work, Project plans, or Project Management, call me!

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Oh, yes, Business at the Speed of Thought? Ask me...


What is your Market
doing today?

Order a new market analysis report from Praxis Reports. In the Praxis Report you will find:

  • Your estimated market size
  • Major market players - who is producing and who is buying what is produced (whether you provide a product or a service)
  • The most recent sources of additional information for you to explore
  • An analysis of your business goals in comparison with current market trends*

Email Jean McClelland for details.

* Assumes you have documented business goals. If not, the first step will be to define those goals. Goal definition is part of the Praxis management consulting services.


Goal Alignment
for Profit!

Have you ever wondered why some companies achieve profit status quicker or stay in profit status longer than others in the same business? Here's the quick answer - it has to do with how much their people (employees, contractors, consultants, all of them!) are in alignment with the goals of the company.

Business is always about people. Jean McClelland has observed how people, company cultures, and both corporate and personal goals can be aligned through some relatively simple steps. Once aligned, the ability to reach corporate and personal goals is quicker with more accuracy, less stress and lots more fun. Learn more.


Business Analysis &
Business Coaching

Jean McClelland registered Praxis as her dba in Dallas in 1984.

Praxis took a hiatus from 1996 - 2001 while Jean worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers

Praxis Philosophy:

All business is about people - regardless of product or service. Listening to all people within the business will reveal the secrets to success for that business. I'm in the business of listening, interpreting and communicating what success will be for the businesses I serve.

Use Praxis services when you have these challenges:

  • Strategy / Insight to Next Steps / Innovation

  • Business Process alignment to technology

  • Technology Implementation

  • Project Management

  • Consultant Management



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