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Jean McClelland, Founder

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Web Presence Consulting

** Define what type and how much web presence is appropriate to ensure you meet your goals.

** Develop the right type of web site and social media sites to enhance your growth.

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Conference Reporting

Conference are selected for their intellectual stimulation in alignment with the services offered by Praxis and the Conference Report sponsors.

If you are interested in sponsoring a report, please email Jean or call and discuss your ideas. We are always open to new ideas!



Goal Alignment
for Profit!

Business is always about the people. Your business started with someone's idea. They took action. They had a goal and they achieved it. They probably even set additional goals along the way.

You had a personal goal when you started with the company. At the time you started, your personal goals were probably in some alignment wtih the corporate goals - even if it was only the personal goal of collecting a paycheck!

How are those alignments going now?

Are your company goals in any sort of alignment with current corporate goals?

Do your people even know what the corporate goals are? ...much less how their personal goals may align with your corporate goals?

Why is any of this important to know!

When people are excited about where the company is going and what they are doing; when they know where they fit in the bigger picture; they are more productive, happier workers that just plain get things done faster, with more accuracy and with quicker results.

Click here for more information about Goal Alignment for Profit and call Jean for a free assessment regarding what this might do for your company. (Restrictions apply.)

Jean's cell! 214.784.5525
(Please use during business hours only!)







Business Analysis &
Business Coaching

Jean McClelland registered Praxis as her dba in Dallas in 1984.

Praxis took a hiatus from 1996 - 2001 while Jean worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers

Praxis Philosophy:

All business is about people - regardless of product or service. Listening to all people within the business will reveal the secrets to success for that business. I'm in the business of listening, interpreting and communicating what success will be for the businesses I serve.

Use Praxis services when you have these challenges:

  • Strategy / Insight to Next Steps / Innovation
  • Business Process alignment to technology
  • Technology Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Consultant Management
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